Good Game Ltd

Our story so far...

Good Game was born around six years ago through the joint efforts of two childhood friends. Toni Halonen and Ville Sissonen – now the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Good Game respectively – went from kids competing in games and sports to uniting forces in their adult professional life as the original founders of the company.

The decision to grasp opportunities present in the fledgling iGaming industry came as second nature to these two aspiring entrepreneurs, who departed from domestic grounds in search of new challenges. Jussi Kauppinen – now Chief Marketing Officer – joined in 2013, and with his SEO craftsmanship helped elevate Good Game to new heights, earning his place as the third founding member. And thus, our company came into being.

From its humble beginnings as a small affiliate business concentrating on a single website to the fast-growing iGaming lead generation company that it is today, Good Game has evolved steadily over the years. Have a look at our milestone moments and the highlights that brought us to where we are today.